Sunday, June 21, 2015

SCE Super Script Update

Things have been slow around here lately, but I do finally have something new to show off. I'm still devoting most of my free hobby time to model railroading, so the cards have been few and far between. That said, I am still always on the lookout for certain things like my Super Script set. That is pretty much the only collection project I'm paying attention to at this point, so any time I come across one it's a nice surprise.

My latest purchase was again from eBay and netted me this Super Script featuring Scott Stevens of the New Jersey Devils. This is card #105 in the set and is serial numbered 14/25.

This one will be my 58th for the set and puts me just over 26% complete. It is also the fourth one I've acquired so far in 2015, which isn't as much as recent years, but still a pretty good pace. Hopefully I can find a few more before the year is over.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

SCE Super Script Update

Now I've been able to get three of these things within a few weeks, so I'm off to a good start getting back into collecting for now. This is another one I found on eBay and placed a bid early on in the auction. As it was winding down to the end, I was worried about being sniped, but luckily that didn't happen and I was able to land this one for $6 delivered.

This one is card #112 in the set and features Roberto Luongo of the New York Islanders.

This one will bring the Super Script total to 57 out of 220. I almost forgot that Luongo started out on the island until I came across this one. That is definitely not one of teams I associate him with. All that matters though is that I can cross this one off the want list and it brings me closer to completing this massive set.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

SCE Super Script Update

Looks like I'm definitely back into the whole card thing for right now. After picking up the Lapointe Super Script I posted recently, I've been a bit more into searching for these things on the internet. One place I hadn't been to in a very long time was COMC, so I decided to do a quick search there a little while back and they happened to have another Super Script listed that wasn't too far out of my price range. 

I made an offer that was a little under the asking price and it was accepted fairly quickly. Must be one of those cases where as long as they get close to what they're asking for it doesn't matter since something is better than a card sitting and not making any money.

This one is card #11 in the set and features Dean Sylvester of the Atlanta Thrashers.

This brings me to 56 Super Scripts for my set. It is actually the fourth Thrasher I've got so I'm getting close to being able to complete a team set of these things. I also have four Canucks, so I guess they're tied for the lead now. I would need just three more to complete the Thrashers set at this point. I wonder how long that will take to do.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Silver Script Update

Here's another part of my collection that has not seen the light of day in quite a while now. The last time I acquired any Silver Scripts for my set was back in January of last year. I've always been hesitant to pick these up online because I can never really find a significant number of them to grab at the same time. In this case I made a bit of an exception and threw two of them in to round out my latest COMC purchase. I'll have the other card I got as part of the lot posted here soon as well.

The first one is card #97 in the set and features David Legwand of the Nashville Predators.

The second one is card #90 in the set and features Garry Galley of the Los Angeles Kings.

These two bring my Silver Script total to 136 out of 220. That puts me at 62% for this portion of my master set project. Overall between the base, silver, gold and super scripts I am at 254 out of 660. Still have a ways to go, but like I've said in previous posts this is not a race and I'm just glad to knock two more off the long want list.

Edit: When I went to put these in my binder, I found out that I already had the Legwand, so I kind of messed up on this one, lol. I did update the totals above to reflect this. I guess I have some rust to shake off when it comes to making sound purchases.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Super Script Update

It's been a while now since I've done an update on this project with the break from collecting I was on recently. Throughout that break though, I was always checking eBay for deals on cards for this and some other collecting projects. For whatever reason, I decided to start bidding on this one and after some back and forth with other buyers, I ended up winning and was excited to have another awesome piece for my set. 

This is another card from the set that I had never seen for sale anywhere before it popped up in my search, and it was the first time in a very long time I've seen a Red Wing from the set listed, so I knew I had to have it. It features former right winger Martin Lapointe and is card #68 in the set. It is serial numbered 10/25 on the front. 

This card looks good in the scan and even better in person. I forgot how much I enjoy looking at the cards from this set. There is just something really cool about the rainbow foil and how it changes as you move the card around. The scan itself is much better than my last update as I finally upgraded from my old HP scanner that I had for about eight years. 

I now have 55 Super Scripts for my set, so I'm at exactly 25% of the way there. I'd really like to at least complete the Red Wings team set one of these days, but I've only come across three cards in the last six years, two of which I own. The other was a Sergei Fedorov that I happen to lose out on just last week, making this eBay victory that much sweeter.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Back At It Again

It's been about three months since I decided to put myself on a break from collecting. In fact, the last time I even bought a card August of last year. After some time off and a few eBay searches later, I've found myself buying cards again. Nothing too crazy, just one card for now, but it was enough for me to decide that I don't need to be on a official break from collecting. If I happen to go seven months between pickups, then so be it. I'm in no rush to complete any of my collecting projects and sometimes its hard to pass up a good deal on a card you've been in search of for years.

I probably won't be posting all that often, but there may be some new things here and there. I might also refocus my collecting goals to work better with balancing my model railroading since there is only so much hobby money and time to go around.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Taking a Break Again

This will be the second time I've gone on a "break" from collecting. The last time was June of 2013 and it was a refreshing five months away and made collecting that much more fun when I finally got back into things. Well, that feeling has kind of worn off again and I find myself devoting all of my free "hobby" time to model railroading. I still have me entire collection of cards and occasionally look over eBay for deals on cards for my various PC projects, but haven't bought a single thing since August now.

Lately I just enjoy model railroading more than collecting cards. Right now, at least for me, there is just something more enjoyable about building a physical model than simply buying a card and throwing it into a box or binder for storage. Don't get me wrong, I love hockey cards and have for a long time, I just think I need to pick a single direction to go for a while and that direction is model railroading.

Here's a look at the project I've been working on lately: a small shelf layout for my office at work. Its not very big, but there is definitely some detail work that goes into it. If you're into model railroading, check out my Michigan Model Railroader blog for updates on this and other modeling projects I'm working on.

A look at one of my current model railroading projects
I'm not shutting down the blog here or anything, because at some point down the road I'll see something that catches my eye just enough to get me back into the swing of things. I do still like to see what's going on with all the blogs I follow, so I'm still on here from time to time as I use the blogger dashboard to manage my railroading blog.