Tuesday, April 21, 2015

SCE Super Script Update

Now I've been able to get three of these things within a few weeks, so I'm off to a good start getting back into collecting for now. This is another one I found on eBay and placed a bid early on in the auction. As it was winding down to the end, I was worried about being sniped, but luckily that didn't happen and I was able to land this one for $6 delivered.

This one is card #112 in the set and features Roberto Luongo of the New York Islanders.

This one will bring the Super Script total to 57 out of 220. I almost forgot that Luongo started out on the island until I came across this one. That is definitely not one of teams I associate him with. All that matters though is that I can cross this one off the want list and it brings me closer to completing this massive set.

1 comment:

  1. How his career didn't get destroyed by being constantly peppered on the island is a testament to how incredible Lui is.

    Great pickup!