Saturday, May 15, 2021

Predators: MVP Postseason

Talk about good timing. The 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs start tonight and I have the perfect pair of cards for the occasion. As you may have seen in previous posts on here, I'm working on the 2017-18 MVP Postseason set for the Predators, which depicts their run from the previous season when they fell short in six games to the Penguins.

Up first is Filip Forsberg. This one is #PS6 in the set and unlike the Rinne and Subban I posted previously, this one shows the Predators in white playing one of the 2017 Stanley Cup Final games in Pittsburgh. Those were not fun to watch as a Preds fan, that's for sure.

The other one is #PS4 and features Colton Sissons, also shown playing in Pittsburgh. I will always remember him for his hat trick in Game 6 of the Western Conference Final against the Ducks that sent the Predators on their way to the Stanley Cup Final.

So that completes this cool little set from MVP and serves as a nice memento for that playoff run. While I usually keep my cards stored in boxes, I would actually consider somehow framing these up with like a Stanley Cup Final patch or something. That would be cool. Here's a quick idea I mocked up in Inkscape. Kind of makes me want to now.

The only displaying of cards on the wall I've ever done consisted of those small wooden plaques. I had a ton of those as a kid. I've never done any custom framing though. I might need to think about it now. Anyone have any experience with doing that?

Friday, May 7, 2021

Patrik Stefan: 2002-03 OPC Premier Red Line

When it comes to my Patrik Stefan collection, it is not the highest priority among all the other stuff I collect, so any pickups for it are usually few and far between. Every now and then I will see something on eBay that catches my eye and I'll throw a bid on it.

That was the case with this Premier Red Line parallel from 2002-03 O-Pee-Chee. I didn't even know these existed until I saw it. I remember the Topps version from back then as I got a hobby box as a kid, but I never really saw the O-Pee-Chee version. Both versions have red and blue parallels, the only difference being the lack of the "Premier" on the Topps.

Not a bad deal for just $0.81 plus shipping. Who knows how many of these will ever pop up for sale like this, so I'm glad I was able to grab it. Now I just need to work on tracking down the other versions of this card. That would make for a nice old school rainbow.

Another thing I like about this card is the photo. It shows Stefan in one of my all time favorite NHL jerseys and he's still wearing his original #13, which has always been one of my favorites too. It also makes me want to see Topps making hockey cards again.