Sunday, January 4, 2015

Taking a Break Again

This will be the second time I've gone on a "break" from collecting. The last time was June of 2013 and it was a refreshing five months away and made collecting that much more fun when I finally got back into things. Well, that feeling has kind of worn off again and I find myself devoting all of my free "hobby" time to model railroading. I still have me entire collection of cards and occasionally look over eBay for deals on cards for my various PC projects, but haven't bought a single thing since August now.

Lately I just enjoy model railroading more than collecting cards. Right now, at least for me, there is just something more enjoyable about building a physical model than simply buying a card and throwing it into a box or binder for storage. Don't get me wrong, I love hockey cards and have for a long time, I just think I need to pick a single direction to go for a while and that direction is model railroading.

Here's a look at the project I've been working on lately: a small shelf layout for my office at work. Its not very big, but there is definitely some detail work that goes into it. If you're into model railroading, check out my Michigan Model Railroader blog for updates on this and other modeling projects I'm working on.

A look at one of my current model railroading projects
I'm not shutting down the blog here or anything, because at some point down the road I'll see something that catches my eye just enough to get me back into the swing of things. I do still like to see what's going on with all the blogs I follow, so I'm still on here from time to time as I use the blogger dashboard to manage my railroading blog. 

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  1. Unacceptable!

    Ha ha. What I love about this hobby and about blogging is that YOU get to call the shots. I took a look at your other blog and it's pretty amazing the level of detail and patience you have put into your work.

    Enjoy the hockey card hiatus. Enjoy the model railroading.

    See you on the flipside!