Friday, March 11, 2022

Viktor Arvidsson: OPC Platinum Seismic Gold

The hockey collecting community has been very great to me over the last ten plus years I've been doing this whole blog thing. Between fellow bloggers on here and collectors on the message boards and Twitter, pretty much everyone I've dealt with has been awesome.

The latest example of this was an amazing RAK from a fellow Predators fan and collector on Twitter. @PeeryNotPerry sent me a package with some OPC Platinum Seismic Golds for my Viktor Arvidsson collection. Like I said, the hockey card community is great!

This one from 2019-20 is my new favorite Arvidsson card. While it looks pretty nice in the scan here, this thing looks even better in hand. The gold goes very nicely with the Preds colors and I love that Arvidsson is isolated from other players in the photo.

The other awesome Seismic Gold was from 2017-18 OPC Platinum. I like that this one has the older style of Preds jerseys, those were the ones they wore during the run to the Cup Final back in 2017. The gold looks just as good with this as the other one.

I love all the parallels from OPC Platinum in recent years and hope they continue to expand and come up with new ideas for them. As far as Arvidsson stuff goes, I'll be focusing only on his Preds cards so I at least have a few years of his cards to chase for these rainbows.

I actually have a few more versions of these two cards from my most recent COMC order, but I am saving them for a separate post. Once I get around to that I'll put together updated visual checklist grids so I can see how the rainbows are coming along.