Monday, July 31, 2017

Thoughts: Fixing Up The Place

While I've been busy with life and my model railroading over the last year or so, I still have not forgotten about collecting cards or this blog. I will occasionally visit this site just to check out other sites from my blogroll. Sometimes when I'm doing that I will even take a look back at my older posts just for fun. 

Well, I happen to be doing that other day and realized that something was up with all of the older posts that link back to my Photobucket account for the scans. Turns out they eliminated free 3rd party hosting for the type of account I have there. Now they want $399 a year for 3rd party hosting, so I am in the process of going back and replacing all of my Photobucket links with pictures from my Google account.

This is going to be a real pain, but I guess that's what I get for using a free service for this long. On the plus side, it has me going back and reading a lot of my posts from years ago, which is actually kind of fun. I've even found a few spelling and formatting errors which are also in the process of being fixed.

I believe all of the broken links are for scans from my old scanner so the pictures aren't even the best quality. Maybe I'll pull out as many of the cards as I can from those old posts and just re-scan them for better quality pictures.

Anyone else dealing with this Photobucket issue right now? If you are using 3rd party hosting for your blog pictures, what are some good sites for that?