Saturday, April 18, 2015

Silver Script Update

Here's another part of my collection that has not seen the light of day in quite a while now. The last time I acquired any Silver Scripts for my set was back in January of last year. I've always been hesitant to pick these up online because I can never really find a significant number of them to grab at the same time. In this case I made a bit of an exception and threw two of them in to round out my latest COMC purchase. I'll have the other card I got as part of the lot posted here soon as well.

The first one is card #97 in the set and features David Legwand of the Nashville Predators.

The second one is card #90 in the set and features Garry Galley of the Los Angeles Kings.

These two bring my Silver Script total to 136 out of 220. That puts me at 62% for this portion of my master set project. Overall between the base, silver, gold and super scripts I am at 254 out of 660. Still have a ways to go, but like I've said in previous posts this is not a race and I'm just glad to knock two more off the long want list.

Edit: When I went to put these in my binder, I found out that I already had the Legwand, so I kind of messed up on this one, lol. I did update the totals above to reflect this. I guess I have some rust to shake off when it comes to making sound purchases.

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