Sunday, June 21, 2015

SCE Super Script Update

Things have been slow around here lately, but I do finally have something new to show off. I'm still devoting most of my free hobby time to model railroading, so the cards have been few and far between. That said, I am still always on the lookout for certain things like my Super Script set. That is pretty much the only collection project I'm paying attention to at this point, so any time I come across one it's a nice surprise.

My latest purchase was again from eBay and netted me this Super Script featuring Scott Stevens of the New Jersey Devils. This is card #105 in the set and is serial numbered 14/25.

This one will be my 58th for the set and puts me just over 26% complete. It is also the fourth one I've acquired so far in 2015, which isn't as much as recent years, but still a pretty good pace. Hopefully I can find a few more before the year is over.