Thursday, July 1, 2021

Jimmy Howard: Prized Prospects Auto Patch

I am getting so far behind on posting stuff here that I've got cards from over three months ago still sitting in the queue. I guess you could consider that a good problem to have as I really enjoy the process of getting cards scanned, organized and ready for posting here.

A quick post on Twitter is nice and all, but I always find myself preferring the extended posts that can be done on platforms like Blogger. While I'm not the best writer by any means, I do like at least trying to come up with some words to go with my new cards.

In the case of this recent eBay pickup, it gets me one step closer to another complete rainbow from Howard's rookie season. Even better is that it reminded me of one of the more unique ways I acquired a card for my collection. It was way back in August of 2011 that I met a fellow SCF member in person to complete a deal. That was the first time I ever met up with an online trade partner. Here is a link to that post.

What I had forgotten about until reading that post is the regular version of this card was actually the very first Howard memorabilia card I got for the collection. This new one is the Red Hot version of Howard's 2005-05 Fleer Hot Prospects rookie card. It is a nice auto patch and is serial numbered 22/50.

Gotta love team colored parallels. There seems to be no shortage of red themed parallels, so there are a ton of other Howard's that fall into this category. This is probably one of the most red colored cards I have of his. Even the patch piece, which is probably from one of the numbers, is completely red. If only they had them sign the stickers for these in red ink, now that would've been awesome.

In terms of the complete rainbow for this, I still need the White Hot version /5 and the En Fuego version /1. I think I've only ever seen one white listed and it was insanely priced at the time. The 1/1 I have yet to see, so hopefully it is out there somewhere.


  1. Beautiful card. After some care packages, an online dime box order, and my card show haul from last weekend... I have a ton of cards I need to write about.

    1. Thanks!

      That's great to hear. I need to get out to a show again. I haven't been to one since late 2019.

      I just have a huge stack of eBay pickups waiting to be written about.