Thursday, July 8, 2021

Jimmy Howard: Panini Totally Certified

Even though this might not be the most popular opinion in the hobby, I really miss the days of Panini making NHL trading cards. They had so many great designs and a ton of cool looking parallels. Once of the sets I always like the look of was Totally Certified.

Howard had plenty of cards to chase in Totally Certified. I've picked up a few of them over the years, but am nowhere near completing the entire run of them. He's got a base card and all the accompanying parallels in addition to some memorabilia cards. According to TCDb, there are 18 different cards and four printing plates out there.

Thanks to some eBay purchases over the last few months, I was able to add four more unique Totally Certified cards to my collection. The first one is a Platinum Red, which is serial numbered out of 100. I love the look of this one with it matching the team color.

Up next is the Platinum Blue version, which is serial numbered out of 50. While it doesn't look as cool as the red, I do like how the player photo stands out against the blue background. Another thing with these is the texturing. It looks really nice in person.

Switching gears to the memorabilia cards from Totally Certified, I was able to grab one of the red versions of the regular jersey card. This one is not serial numbered and has a nice solid red jersey swatch. It is definitely a lot of red, but I love the overall look of this card.

It is kind of funny how this worked out, but in addition to the red jersey, I was also able to grab the prime blue jersey version, which is serial numbered out of 50 and has a nice two-color piece with a seam running through it. Again, not as cool as the red version, but still a nice card with the contrast between the red and blue elements.

Those four put a nice dent in my Totally Certified want list. I am still on the lookout for quite a few more though. In addition to still needing the base card, I am looking for the following: Platinum Green /5, Mirror Platinum Purple /35, Mirror Platinum Blue /10, Mirror Platinum Gold /5, Mirror Platinum Green /1, Jersey Patch Gold /25, Jersey Patch Green /5.

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