Saturday, April 24, 2021

Jimmy Howard: The Cup Platinum Rookie

On the list of Jimmy Howard cards I thought I would never realistically own, the one I'm posting here today would've been pretty high on that list. When it comes to The Cup, I always wanted to at least have a copy of the standard RPA. Luckily, I was able to make that happen last year and even added the Gold Rainbow version.

My latest eBay purchase brings me one step closer to a complete 2005-06 The Cup rainbow for Howard. This one is the Platinum version and is serial numbered 05/25. It even has him pictured in his Red Wings pads and mask, which makes for a much better overall look.

The funny part about this pickup from eBay is that it actually came from the exact same seller as the regular RPA and Gold Rainbow versions I bought last year. He was actually a Howard collector himself, but was moving on from his awesome collection. I even got my Howard Future Watch rookie auto from him as well.

Now this leaves me with needing just the Black 1/1 version. I've seen a photo of it in the past so I know it has at least been pulled. Who knows if it will ever surface again, but if it does I will be sure to make an attempt to grab it. These would look amazing all together.

For now though, here is a look at all three of mine together.

Outside of the 1/1's, these are probably my top three favorite Howard cards. I mean you can't go wrong with such an iconic set design. The only thing I can improve upon with these is the quality of the swatches. A part of the Wings crest would be awesome.


  1. Hope the 1/1 pops up again and you're able to add it to the Howard PC. But even without it... those three cards look awesome together.

    1. Thanks! Even if it does pop up, I'm afraid of what the asking price will be...