Sunday, April 25, 2021

Jimmy Howard: SPGU All-Star Skills Patch

Apparently low-numbered cards are what's hot right now for my Jimmy Howard collection. Along with the long sought after Cup card I posted yesterday, I was lucky enough to find a really good deal on another numbered card, this time a patch card out of 35.

This one is from 2019-20 Upper Deck SP Game Used, specifically the 2019 All-Star Skills Fabrics insert set. It is basically the same as the regular jersey version other than the gold coloring, the patch call out and the serial number. Its a really nice looking card overall.

The swatch on this one is really nice. It appears to be from somewhere along the edge of the crest as you can see the base red jersey material. Not bad for $10 all in.

This one also goes nicely with the regular jersey version I picked up last year. As I said when I posted that one, the coolest part about these cards is that the jersey swatches featured in the card are from the exact jersey pictured on the front, at least that how it seems.

In terms of an actual "rainbow" for these cards, there are the two I already have (regular jersey, patch) as well as a tag version serial numbered out of two. Not sure I'll ever be able to get that one, but who knows. They definitely would look nice together.

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