Friday, February 12, 2021

Jimmy Howard: 2020-21 MVP Gold Script

Now that it looks like 2020-21 MVP will be Jimmy Howard's last regular card of him as an active player, I thought this one should have its own post separate from my other recent eBay pickups. Technically you could say his OPC card from 2020-21 came later, but UD screwed that up and put Jonathan Bernier on it, so that doesn't count in my book.

Here is the Gold Script version that features a nice gold facsimile signature and gold elements at the bottom of the card. I think I actually like this one the most of all the parallels, even though it is not even serial numbered. They used to be numbered to 100.

Now that I'm more actively pursuing my number one player collection, I've been paying closer attention to completing as many rainbows as I can. I just love the look of all the variations of a given card when they are all together. In the case of 2020-21 MVP, I am almost there and just need three more versions to complete this edition.

I really liked creating the visual rainbow checklist I did for my O-Pee-Chee Platinum stuff recently, so I went ahead and made another one. Here are all seven versions I am considering to be the complete rainbow. I excluded the puzzle back because I don't care for those and it would just look bad along with the rest of these.

Anyone else going after a complete rainbow from this set? The hardest part is obviously the Black /5, but hey at least it isn't a straight up 1 of 1. The other haven't been too hard to track down, although it was probably easier as I got them relatively close to the release.

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