Friday, January 29, 2021

Goaltending Gallimaufry: COMC Pickups

Gallimaufry [gal-uh-maw-free] A hodgepodge; jumble; confused medley.

Well, it has been over a year now since the last update on my favorite side project. Since I haven't been going to card shows for a while now I haven't really been on the lookout for stuff like this. However, one place I was able to easily shop for this project was COMC.

Despite the obscene wait times, I finally got my shipment from them a while back and in it was a few cards I've had my eyes on specifically for this project for several years now. Among this group of cards is a nice mix of some well know and some lesser known goalies.

We'll get things started with one of the more significant color clashes between the gear, the jersey and the card design itself. This is card #229 from 2005-06 Artifacts and features former Canucks goaltender Rob McVicar. His bright orange gear is likely from his time with the Columbia Inferno of the ECHL. Not 100% sure though as I can't find any pictures.

Up next is one with a cool story behind the mismatch. Card #150 from 2012-13 Certified features former Blue Jackets goaltender Shawn Hunwick. He signed with Columbus just days after finishing his college career at Michigan due to a Steve Mason injury. He played in relief of Mason for just one game and that would be his only NHL action. The back of the card even specifically mentions the mismatched gear. That might actually be a first for this project. Time to read some card backs to be sure.

Here we have one of Upper Deck's MVP tribute designs, this time from 2018-19, featuring Petr Mrazek of the Philadelphia Flyers. He's sporting his Red Wings gear and the "I just got trade" stickered up white mask. He was traded to Philly in February of 2018.

I really wish the photo was nice on this one as far as a look at the gear, but I'll take it. This 2013-14 Score card features Tim Thomas of the Dallas Stars. In what some would say is an awful overall look, Thomas was sporting his Panthers gear after being traded there in March of 2014. I always though his unique mask design was actually pretty cool.

Continuing with more Score, this one from 2010-11 features Jhonas Enroth of the Buffalo Sabres. He is shown here playing in that awful "Buffaslug" jersey along with some black and red gear. I am assuming those pads are from his time with the Portland Pirates.

Another obvious mismatch helped along by the team color background is this Mike Smith from 2008-09 Victory. He is shown playing with Tampa while still wearing his gold and black gear from his time with the Dallas Stars. Those old RBK setups always looked great.

Rounding things out is this Michael Hutchinson from 2018-19 Compendium. Here we've got a pretty obvious mismatch as the red and gold don't belong anywhere near a Maple Leafs uniform. After winning only one game with the Panthers, he was traded to Toronto in December of 2018. At least here he's got a Maple Leafs mask.

So that was a nice little boost to my favorite side project thanks to a lot of scrolling through set after set on COMC. It was kind of like sorting through dime boxes at a card show, only without the physical component. Still fun either way and a relatively cheap way to add to this project. The best part is this lot takes me past 200 for the collection total. 

Goaltending Gallimaufry Count: 203

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