Friday, July 31, 2020

Jimmy Howard: OPC Platinum White Ice

If there is one thing I like about O-Pee-Chee Platinum it is the parallels. They make for some really awesome looking cards. As a player collector it makes things even more fun going after an entire rainbow.  When it comes to more recent hockey sets, there are not many complete rainbows that look as awesome as OPC Platinum.

Here is card #57 from 2014-15, a White Ice parallel serial numbered 028/199.

This one cost me a whopping $0.25 plus shipping. I ordered it from eBay on June 26th and it finally arrived on July 29th. That is probably the longest amount of time I've ever had a card from eBay working its way through the mail system.

Its goes nicely with the Black Ice version I picked up a little while back. Speaking of rainbows, this gives me two of the nine cards required to complete it. I still need the following: Base, Rainbow, Platinum Traxx, Red Prism (/135), Blue Cube (/65), Seismic Gold (/50), and Golden Treasure (/1). This should be a fun one to try and complete.

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