Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Jimmy Howard: The Cup RPA

Finally, I can knock off one of my most wanted Jimmy Howard cards. That would be his Autographed Rookie Patch card from 2005-06 Upper Deck The Cup. I've wanted this card for as long as I've been collecting Howard, which is around 10 years now.

These have always been a bit too pricey for me whenever they are listed on eBay and what not. I'm also not big spender when it comes to single cards. I think the most I've ever dropped on a single Howard card was $40 for a Black Diamond 1/1 years ago. 

Fortunately for my collecting budget, I recently received a refund from Ticketmaster for the cancelled Nickelback concert I was supposed to be at on July 3rd here in Detroit. Yes, I do actually like them. I'll never understand all the hate they get. 
While I was looking forward to the show, I figured I would do a little splurging on cards to make up for it. Here is card #136 from 2005-06 Upper Deck The Cup. It is one of Howard's official RC's and is serial numbered 037/199 on the front.

This one cost me $43 plus shipping. Not too bad all things considered.

While it isn't the nicest patch I've seen on these, it does have a hint of white stitching along the left side. Even if it was just plain white, I would still be happy to have it. After all, other than the main chest logo, its not like there are many colorful options on a Wings jersey.

This definitely takes over as my favorite Jimmy Howard card so far.

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