Thursday, April 4, 2019

Predators: 16-17 Upper Deck ICE

To go along with the three cards from 2017-18 Upper Deck Ice that I posted on here the other day, I was also able to find two from the previous year's set at my most recent card show visit. These both came from the same seller and were 20 cents each. 

As with most Ice sets, this one is on printed on the acetate material. They are always easy to spot in the boxes of singles at the card shows. I sorted through a huge stack of these things, but was only able to find the two Preds. 

The first one is card #18 in the set and adds to my growing P.K. Subban collection within my Predators collection. Along with Viktor Arvidsson, he is one of my favorites on the team. Subban is shown here in the Preds old road jersey, which looks great against the background design. I also like how the blue stripes on his socks almost align perfectly with the v-shaped stripe that runs across the card.

Then there was James Neal on card #66. He is also shown in Nashville's old road jersey, which again looks great with the background of this set. As much as I like their new uniforms, I kind of miss these ones as they always remind me of the 2017 Cup Final run.

I'm getting closer to the end of my second round of card show pickups for 2019. I've got a couple more sets of Preds stuff to get to then a few more for the Golden Knights. I want to get through these relatively quickly now since I have a couple of recent eBay purchases I'm really looking forward to sharing on here.

Predators Collection Total: 43

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