Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Predators: Arvidsson Overtime

If I had to choose, Viktor Arvidsson would be my favorite current Predator. It seems like any time he is on the ice there is the potential for an exciting play. It definitely helps that he's usually on a line with Filip Forsberg and Ryan Johansen. He's leading the team this season with 33 goals despite only having played 56 games so far.

I don't have a ton of Arvidsson cards in my collection yet, so it was nice to grab a couple at recent card shows. Today's card comes from 2017-18 Upper Deck Overtime. This one is card #28 in the set. It shows Arvidsson playing during the 2016-17 season.

I haven't seen much of this set before so it was kind of nice to be able to add something a little different to my collection. Now I will just have to see how many other Predators there are in this set so I can search for them at the next card show.

I like the overall look of this set. The Overtime logo is a bit hard to see in the scan because of the silver foil, but other than that everything has a nice clean look to it. 

Predators Collection Total: 41

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