Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Predators: Josi SPGU Banner Year

Here's something that I've never been able to show here on the blog before: a card with a piece of a decorative banner. I didn't even know these things existed until recently and thought it would be neat to add one to my Predators collection. I was all in with the Preds during their run to the 2017 Stanley Cup Final, so its really neat to have an actual part of it.

I've got plenty of plain old game used jersey cards in my collection and those have become so abundant in this hobby that the novelty of owning one has really worn off for me. Granted these things are not game used or anything, they are at least something different and I like that. I'm definitely happy to have one in my collection now.

The card below comes from 2017-18 SP Game Used, specifically the Banner Year set. It is numbered BSC-RJ on the back and is not serial numbered. It has a huge piece of an event used banner from the Stanley Cup Final on the front along with the Cup Final logo.

The back of the card certifies that the piece of decorative banner on the front was used by the NHL during events at the 2017 Stanley Cup Final. That's pretty vague, so I guess there's no way of knowing exactly where this thing came from. I'm assuming its from something used either inside or near Bridgestone arena, presumably for Game 3 as the bottom of the card has a quick blurb about Josi's performance in that game.

Even if I don't for sure know where this piece came from, its really neat to have something like this to commemorate a fun ride to the Final. If only the Preds were able to take home the Cup, then this would be an even cooler piece of my collection.

Predators Collection Total: 44


  1. Kudos to UD for coming up with this set. In an era where game used jersey swatches are pulled left and right... this is definitely a unique collectible.

  2. Unique is definitely the key word with this one. I suppose it being two colored helps a bit too. If it were all just plain yellow, it might not be as neat.