Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pack Break: Target 100 Card Jumbo Rack Pack

We were out shopping at Target yesterday and of course I wandered down the card aisle on our way out just to see if there was anything that would catch my eye. Normally I only look for the repack boxes because I love opening packs. I found myself with two options: a 10 pack mix box for $11.99 or a 100 card jumbo pack for $4.99. 

Since I've done several of the mix boxes in the past, I thought I would do something different and go for the jumbo pack. I knew not to expect much, but it did say on the front that it would contain five rookie cards and a memorabilia card in every third pack. 

Let's just say I got what I expected: a bunch of junk. But that's not the point, it was something I hadn't opened before and its always fun to look through a bunch of 90's cards and see the names that you grew up watching on television. 

Instead of scanning everyting, I thought I would pick a top five and leave the rest to your imagination. Think lots of 1990-91 Score and 1990-91 Bowman to get an idea.

The first one was my favorite from the pack and features former Islanders goaltender Tommy Salo. This was the only Black Diamond card I got and one of the newest ones in the pack. The best part is the fisherman jersey, love those things.

The next one is a bit older coming from 1992-93 Upper Deck, but features an awesome action shot of the great Patrick Roy with the Montreal Canadiens. I know I've seen this one posted on other blogs before, but it's still nice to see again.

The third one was one of the promised rookie cards featuring former Ducks center Sean Pronger, brother of Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger. Nothing special about this one, other than it's shiny and one of the newer cards in the pack.

The next one is a minor league card, similar to this one I posted back in November. It is a team specific card featuring the Victoria Cougars with a generic player and an artist's rendition of a cougar on the front of the card. The back has some basic info about the team like the team colors, current coach and GM, as well as NHL alumni.

The last one features three things that should not go together: hockey, mullets, and tuxedos. This one shows former first round pick Glen Murray. I don't know much about the set other than it was produced by Arena Holograms, Inc and the back is all in French.

Have you ever given in and bought one of these kinds of packs? Even when you knew that you would most likely get nothing but junk from it? I think they're kind of neat just because I get to see a lot of the cards and players that got me started on collecting.

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