Saturday, April 20, 2013

What Would You Buy with $1,600 on eBay?

Have you ever wished you could go on a huge card spending spree without having to worry about hurting your wallet? Thanks to the latest contest over at Drop The Gloves! that can be done, well kind of. Click here to see more about this and how to get involved.

If I had the $1600 to spend on eBay in 30 minutes, there are a ton of things I would want to get, but given the time constraints I just took a quick look and came up with some cool pieces that would fit into mainly my Jimmy Howard and Dominik Hasek collections.

This one sits atop my want list and is probably the one card on this list that I will make sure I track down someday. These have become the key RC for players that debuted during or after the 2005-06 NHL season.

This one is an autographed (clearly a sticker though) parallel of the Xcitement rookie card that I have in my Howard collection. The key here though is that it's numbered to just 5 copies and nearly impossible to find.

2005-06 SP Authentic Future Watch Auto Patch #155 (BIN $130) = $780 Total

This one definitely stood out with a sharp design and a nice piece of letter/number from Howard's jersey. On the plus side, it's numbered to 100 and appears to be hard signed.

This one would fit in either my Howard, Hasek, or Red Wings collections. If I had a say, Terry Sawchuk would've been the third goalies on this one, but Crozier works too.

I chose this one because its something different and its numbered to just seven copies. While I wish they would've done a better job working the shape of the piece of jersey seam into the card, it still looks pretty sweet.

I've always like the look of this set from BTP with the crisscross pattern and the placement of the different design elements. Add to that a nice looking patch, and this was a no-brainer.

This one is similar to the last and would make for an excellent piece in my Hasek collection. I like the two colored stick piece and the fact that Hasek has somewhat of a nice signature. 

This one is just awesome. How can you go wrong with eight solid patches from eight solid goaltenders? I could do with the Fleury patch, but can deal with it since Howard is in there.

So there you have it, $1600 for eight cards, man I wish I could do that for real. If I gave myself more time I would probably go nuts with a ton of cheaper cards, but that didn't seem like the fun thing to do here. These are cards I will likely never have in my collection, but one can always hope, right?

Thanks to Casey at Drop the Gloves! for putting on another great contest. Since this is only open to those of us with blogs, what are you waiting for if you don't have one? They are so easy to get started now and simple enough to maintain. Not sure how everyone else feels, but I love to see new blogs pop up as it keeps things new and interesting.


  1. Man, you went straight for collection cornerstones.

    I would buy boxes and a few scarce singles.

    And probably a Harper autograph or 5.

  2. This is exactly why I like these blog bat around; I develop a better understanding and appreciation of what is important to my fellow bloggers.

    The Cup Howard and Hasek auto/stick are beautiful! One day, I hope that Howard card finds its way into your collection.

  3. Awesome job. Looks like you picked out some awesome cards.