Monday, April 22, 2013

Metal Universe: What Could've Been...

Since Upper Deck did not include my favorite player in their recent Fleer Retro set, specifically the Metal Universe inserts, I thought I would take a few minutes and come up with my own. I will admit that I took a few shortcuts with this one, the main one being the image that I already had cropped from another custom set I did a while back. Otherwise I just reused the same template from the set of Metal Universe cards I posted in January.

Here's what I came up with:

If you remember the post I did with nine of these things, you will notice a few differences from that iteration to this one. I did those designs before the new Fleer Retro cards were released, so I just kind of threw something together when it came to the fonts. Here you will notice that I inverted the text colors to better match the real thing.

Another small change was switching the text on the year above "Metal" to read 2012 instead of the 2012-13 like in my previous design. For whatever reason, it just looks a little bit cleaner this way. Do you agree?

Have you ever had a set that you thought your player should've been included in? If so, have you ever gone ahead and designed your own card like this?


  1. Lots and lots. I have even made the backs up for a few of them.
    Even had designs stolen and sold on eBay. The guy erased the player picture and put in a new one. Even grabbed the 88-89 OPC In Actions I did and did it to them as well. That's why I out that ugly neon green Blargh on each one now.
    The Fleer Retro set inspired me to do some cards of a few players, not guys who should have been in the set, more like guys who would never be in that insert set.

    1. Yeah I've seen your customs and they are some really nice work. It's too bad that someone stole them, so I totally understand the stamp you add to them.

      I'm not 100% that Howard "should" have been included in Metal Universe, I just think he should've been ahead of Jussi Rynnas on the depth chart for players to be featured.