Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pack Break: Meijer Mystery Cube

Recently I posted a 100 card jumbo rack pack from Target. That didn't turn out so well, but it was still fun to open. Now its time for another one of these retail grab bags, one that was a bit more satisfying. This one came from Meijer and included the following inside a nice card-sized storage cube: 50 assorted cards, 5 random packs, and 10 bonus sticker packs.

The five packs included the following:

     - 2010-11 Upper Deck Series 1
     - 2009-10 MVP
     - 2008-09 Collector's Choice
     - 1998-99 Collector's Choice
     - 1997-98 Limited

The ten bonus sticker packs were made up of:

     - 2009-10 Panini NHL Stickers (x6)
     - 2008-09 Panini NHL Stickers (x4)

I've busted most of these same packs before from previous repacks, but never the 1997-98 Limited, so it's kind of cool to get something new there. The stickers are also a new thing for me. I was never really into them so I haven't ever busted a pack of them, until now. I even got two different sets between the ten packs, so that's even better.

I will sort through the 50 cards and pick some to show off in an upcoming post. I will also go through all of the packs and likely put together a post for each one of the five, then two summary posts for the two sets of sticker packs. Hopefully I can get to all this by the end of the week, but only time will tell.

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