Friday, February 22, 2013

Box Break: 2012-13 Upper Deck Series 1

When it comes to determining if I'm into a product or not, I've found the easiest thing to do is grab either a couple packs or a blaster box from one of the local retail outlets.While there isn't usually a chance at any of the autos or memorabilia cards, the retail packs are great for checking out base cards and other inserts.

Anyway, onto my latest break, a blaster box of 2012-13 Upper Deck Series 1 from the local Meijer. For $19.99 I got 12 packs, which works out to $1.67 per pack, so not all that bad. First, here's a look at the box featuring Jonathan Toews of the Blackhawks. While I don't care for him at all, at least it's not Crosby again.

Unlike the last blaster I opened (2012-13 Artifacts), I was expecting to get more than just base cards among the 60 that should have been included in the 12 packs. This set is known for its superb photography and this years set does not disappoint. Here are nine of my favorite horizontal cards from the base set. There are plenty of nice vertical photos, but these are just nicer for whatever reason. 

Canvas Parallel:
Now for the non-base stuff. First, I ended up with one of the Canvas parallels featuring Jeff Skinner of the Carolina Hurricanes. These were a great idea on Upper Deck's part, especially considering they went as far as using a totally different awesome picture (usually) than on the regular base card.

Then there were the MVP cards, which are actually pretty sweet looking if you take away the giant "MVP" plastered across the bottom of the card. I really miss the old MVP set logos from 1999 through 2003. Anyway, I got two of these: Holtby and Eberle.

Hockey Heroes:
I also managed to get one Hockey Heroes featuring Marvel Dionne. These are ok, I just wish the pictures would've been in color, as that would make for a nice card.

Young Guns:
And last but not least we have the Young Guns. The stated odds on the box are 1:6 packs, which meant I could expect two from the box. I did in fact get two, the one below featuring Matt Donovan of the Islanders and another of Colby Robak from the Panthers.

All in all this was a decent blaster. I got two Young Guns, a couple of inserts and parallels, and a bunch of cool looking base cards. I only plan on keeping the lone Red Wing from the break, so the rest of these are available if anyone is interested.

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