Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gold Script Update

Time for another update on part of my MVP master set project. In addition to all the Super Scripts I've been accumulating lately, I managed to come across a great deal on another Gold Script on eBay. These have been few and far between lately, so this was a welcome addition to the collection, especially considering it was only $0.99 plus shipping.

Here's a look at my new Alexei Kovalev Gold Script numbered 035/100:

The best part about this pickup is that it gives me another complete rainbow (base/silver/gold/super), the sixth one I've been able to put together now. Click here to see it over at SCF along with the other five. This one also gives me 51 for my set, and actually puts my overall master set exactly at the 50% mark, so that's kind of cool.

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