Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pack Break: 50-Card Mystery Pack from Target

Time for the fifth and final part of the $7.99 value box I got from Target a while back. In addition to the four sealed packs, there was a 50 card "mystery pack" that was nothing more than a plain white cardboard box inside the value box package.

There's nothing to show as far as a wrapper of odds of whats inside, so let's just get right to the show and tell. Here are nine cards of the 50. Nothing spectacular, which was expected, but there were some nice looking cards from the early to mid-90's. 

I always liked the UD painting cards or whatever you want to call them, so it was kind of cool to get one I didn't already have. The Roy is a nice close up of his Habs mask, so that's kind of neat too. The other one that stuck out was the one in the middle. It's a minor league set and doesn't even feature a specific player, just "The Bull" of the Belleville Bulls. 

Overall, this value box wasn't so great, but I knew not to expect much going in so no harm done. On the plus side, I kind of got it for free because the $8 plus tax it cost me was a gift.

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