Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pack Break: 2010-11 Adrenalyn XL

This is the fourth pack I got in the $7.99 value box from Target. It was the most unexpected of the bunch. Usually I expect to see things like UD, OPC, and MVP among other low end stuff, but I never thought I would get a pack of something other than true trading cards. 

While I do have two of these in my Howard collection, I consider those to be part of the Miscellaneous category and not any of the regular categories (i.e. base, inserts, parallels, etc). As far as what I could get in this pack: Special Cards (1:2), Extra Cards (1:8), Extra Signature Cards (1:8), 30 Ultimate Cards (1:23).

Here's a look at the wrapper:


And here's a look at the 6 cards I got:

As you can see, I didn't manage any hits here, just six of the regular cards. At least I was lucky enough to get one of the ten Red Wings included in the set. Other than that I don't really care for these, and that's mostly because I have no clue how the "game" works with these things. Have any of you ever tried playing the actual game with the online codes?

Up next will be the 50 card mystery pack, so stay tuned...

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  1. I have a Howard from this - I'll include it with the other cards that I wanna send you. Did you get my email by the way?

    Ive played this game before, no strategy really, just a lot of clicking.