Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pack Break: 2010-11 Upper Deck Series 1

Time for the third pack from the $7.99 Target value box I picked up over the weekend. I've busted a few packs of this stuff and I think even a blaster at one point. There's at least a chance of getting another Howard for my collection, or worst case any old Wings card.

We're back to 8 cards per pack on this one. As far as what I could possibly get out of this pack: Young Guns (1:4), 20th Anniversary Regular (1:4), 20th Anniversary Young Guns (1:48), Brodeur Missing Link (1:5000), Hockey Heroes (1:12), All-World Team (1:12), All-World Team SP (1:120), UD Game Jerseys (1:24), EA Super Stars (1:8).
Here's a look at the wrapper:

And here's a look at the 6 cards I got:

No Young Guns here, but I did manage to hit two inserts in the same pack, so that's pretty cool. The combined odds for those two are (1:8) and (1:12). Does that mean the odds of getting both of these in the same pack are (1:72)? I was never good with probability in school. Regardless, it's better than getting nothing but base, right?

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  1. Its a nice set, much better than the baseball equivalent - in which all of the cards had a meek green fade on the bottom. Matching the fade with the team colours is a huge improvement.