Monday, November 12, 2012

Pack Break: 2010-11 OPC

Time for pack number two of the four in the $7.99 Target value box I picked up recently. This was one of the packs showing through the front of the package, so I at least knew what it was before I bought it. While OPC is not my favorite set in the world, there is usually a chance at a Howard card or always a chance for a random Wings card for my PC.

This time there are only 6 cards per pack. As far as what I could possibly get out of this pack: Rookies and Legends (1:2), OPC Signatures (1:432), OPC Souvenirs (1:1080), In Action (1:72), In Action SP (1:720), Retro and Rainbow Parallels (1:8).

Here's a look at the wrapper:


And here's a look at the 6 cards I got:

How dumb is that, I get two checklists in one pack of six cards? The Marquee Legend of Dale Hawerchuk is pretty cool looking, although I wish they would've matched the Jets logo on the card with the one he was wearing at the time. Other than that, I don't have much to say about this pack. Better luck next time I guess.

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  1. With the advent of the internet, I don't understand the need for checklists in contemporary sets. Two in a pack is unforgivable!