Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thoughts: Refocusing My Collection

I've been at this whole blogging thing for a little while now (nearly two years) and throughout that time I've gone through plenty of collecting phases. Those have included player collecting, set collecting, TTM, goalie-only collecting and simply buying packs and boxes just for the sake of opening them.

Well, I've kind of hit a wall and thought I need to change things up.

I know it's common sense that when player collecting, busting packs and boxes is not the best way to add to your collection. However, I still find myself buying needless packs and boxes just so I can open them (i.e. the Certified and Artifacts boxes I posted in January), instead of taking that money and putting it toward singles for my player or set collections.

I guess I just get sucked in by the allure of pulling an amazing card, but that never seems to happen. I hate to think about the money I wasted on some of the boxes I purchased in the past, especially the number and quality of cards I could have added to my collections.

That said, I've decided to focus on three projects for the foreseeable future:

  • Primary Focus: My Jimmy Howard Collection
  • Secondary Focus: MVP Stanley Cup Edition Master Set
  • Tertiary Focus: Metal Universe Master Set

If you've been following my blog, you may notice something missing from this list. That would be my Dominik Hasek collection. Well, after only adding three nicer pieces and a ton of quarter box pickups since I started the project, I'm officially abandoning it.

I'm not complaining, but there are just way too many Hasek cards out there to continue actively going after him, even though he was my favorite player growing up.

There are no set rules for collecting, that's one thing I love about this hobby, you can do whatever you want, and this realignment plan is what I want to do, for now.

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  1. Tertiary.......underused and undervalued word.


    Keep it fun...that's the key.

    Good on you for making conscious decisions about your collecting.