Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thoughts: 1/1's and Player Collecting

I'm part of the player collector crowd with my Jimmy Howard project and lately I've had 1/1's on my mind. Up until recently, I had only come across one of them on ebay (not counting the mislabeled 1/1 printing plates) that went for a pretty good price. Now, in the last two weeks I've come across three of them. 

I bid on one only to be outbid by $0.50 at the very last second. That may have been the most pissed off I've been about an auction ever, which is part of the reason for this post. It got me thinking about how much I should actually care about pursuing 1/1's as part of my Howard collection, or any player collection for that matter. 

Part of me is upset because I will most likely never see that card again, but at the same time the other part of me thinks how can I realistically expect to get every Howard card ever made? There are just so many 1/1's and low-numbered parallels today it's ridiculous. 

That being said, I don't think it's unrealistic to think I can acquire at least a single 1/1 for my Howard collection, right? 

What do you guys think about counting all of these 1/1's toward your player collection totals. At this point, I don't include them because I know I will never have them all. I'm guessing that's the norm, but I wanted to get some other opinions on this one. 


  1. if a 1/1 falls into my lap at a good price, sure I grab it for my p.c..... but I don't go around looking for or chasing them. There are waaaaay too many other cool cards to chase for guys like Price and Howard.

  2. I once pulled an Artifacts Rookie 1/1 from a pack. Shame was the player is Jordan Smotherman aka Jordan Lavalee(name on card).

    Still pretty cool, but I don't imagine I would ever get much for the card in trade so I hang on to it as my ONLY 1/1.

    Maybe I will get lucky someday and have a 1/1 to be proud of.

    In terms of buying, I have never come across one that I felt was good enough of a deal to buy so I don't really collect them myself.

  3. I delete the 1/1s and all printing plates from my player collection lists. I traded for one once, so I do have one. But until I have five digits of disposable income for cards, I'll never actively pursue them.

  4. 1/1 cards are those items for player collectors and set builders alike that are just a ridiculous idea. I think I have 3 1/1 cards in my entire collection, none of them are of players that I collect regularly. All three were pack pulled and I have never even entertained the notion of forking out cash for one. Printing plates, at least to me, are worthless. However, the 1/1s that I have seen that are unique, as in not parallel versions of a regular card have some appeal. But like the good Capt' said, there are way too many cool cards that aren't 1/1s to chase of my favorite players.