Friday, June 17, 2011

Jimmy Howard: One of a Kind, Literally...

I don't really know what to say here, but this is by far the best mail day I've ever had as a collector. As the title of the post suggests, I've finally acquired my very first 1/1, a Platinum Jimmy Howard from 2010-11 Black Diamond.

I've been collecting Jimmy for just over 13 months now, but my collection still isn't all that impressive, yet. I've got a few rookies, two auto's, a bunch of base, and have yet to pick up any game-used stuff. Is it just me, or is it kind of odd that I now have a 1/1 before I even have a simple, even one-color, jersey card? 

Anyway, without further ado, the new centerpiece of my Jimmy Howard collection...

Not as exciting as you would think, is it? It's pretty much the exact same as the base card, except this one has a bit of a rainbow tint to it. I wish it was a little more distinguishing, but I can't complain, a 1/1 is a 1/1 right? Anyway, here's the back of the card, where the all important serial number is located. 

I do like that on UD 1/1's it's actually written out "1 of 1" instead of just "1/1." 

Now, as far as what I paid for this one. I ended up getting it for $41, not sure if I overpaid or not. What do you guys think? I think it was worth every penny, as this is now by far the best card I own.  Before anyone says anything, I know this is not a pure 1/1 (i.e. dual shields), but it is a parallel 1/1 and that is more than ok with me. 

I may sound greedy or something here, but I absolutely love the fact that I am the only Jimmy Howard collector in the entire world that has a copy of this card. That's pretty cool if you ask me. Here's one last look at my new favorite card, this time in my hand, just to show that I really do have it now.

I'm curious, what was your first 1/1 experience like? Did it come from a pack or from a purchase or trade like this one?


  1. "I absolutely love the fact that I am the only Jimmy Howard collector in the entire world that has a copy of this card. That's pretty cool if you ask me."

    I think you hit the nail on the head with this one. I don't think the best thing about a 1/1 is it's monetary value as much as it is what you said. You are the only one with that card in the entire world. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

    I've yet to collect a 1/1. In fact my lowest numbered card is out of /25. I'm holding back at buying a 1/1 because I think it would be way cooler to pull one from a pack. Unfortunately, I probably won't have much luck at that considering the boxes I buy so eventually I'll get around to it.

    Nice card though bud.

  2. If you enjoy the card, then $41 is worth it.

    I know that's really a non-answer, so let me put it this way: if I found a Chris Chelios card numbered 1/1 for $41, I'd pounce on it.

    Hell, I just paid $40 for a pair of Chelios cards--one was numbered 7/112, and the other 144/252. Not many exist, but they are still far off from being "one of a kind".

  3. I own a single 1 of 1 that I know of. Its a sketch card of Calvin "Megatron" Johnson from last years Topps Football. I pulled it from a pack and it was glorious. After the hype and newness of it wore off, I was kind of over it. But it was still a cool card. That Howard is way more special because it's a player you actually collect and respect. Same goes for me if I found a 1 of 1 Jagr, Lemieux, or Guerin at a reasonable price. $41 for your favorite player...chump change. Nice pick up!

  4. Hey Paul,

    You have the honor of holding the only card of thay type in existence, for the player you collect, priceless!!!

    I have had the honor of pulling a 1/1 from a 07-08 Be A Player pack picked up on a whim from the my LCS (up until recently it was my first and only pack of BAP purchased). Further still it is a rookie 1/1 of Antti Philstrom (Preds). Not a big name, but still a card to cherish!

    I also had the pleasure of pulling a Nino Niederreiter YG high gloss numbered 1/10 a few months ago!