Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thoughts: Cursed by Crosby & Ovechkin

When it comes to hockey cards, everyone knows the following two names: Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. That said, it is damn near impossible to find a good deal on any unopened 2005-06 product because of these two.

This becomes a problem for people like me with a PC guy (Jimmy Howard) whose rookie year was 2005-06. Other candidates, just for Red Wings fans alone, would include Johan Franzen, Valteri Filppula, and Brett Lebda.

For example, say I wanted to pick up a case of The Cup in hopes of pulling a nice rookie auto patch. Let's look at two cases here: Jimmy Howard for 2005-06 and to keep things in Hockeytown, Daniel Larsson for 2009-10.

If I wanted to buy a six-box case today, on ebay it would cost me $5,195 for 05-06 and only $2,499.95 for 09-10. That's more than a 2X increase in price for a product that is four years older, all because of Crosby and Ovechkin.

The Cup is obviously the highest end example of this, but the curse trickles down through other product lines as well. Even Upper Deck's flagship product sees a giant increase. Today it would cost me $314.99 for 05-06 UD Series 1 and only $91.99 for 09-10 UD Series 1.

Anyone else faced with the curse? I know there are a ton of great rookies from 2005-06. A short list of some of the bigger names would include: Dion Phaneuf, Mike Richards, Ryan Getzlaf, Thomas Vanek, Mike Green, Duncan Keith, and Corey Perry.

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  1. 05-06 MVP is the one that haunts me.

    I'd love to pick up a Linden Prosign from that product, but the supply has dried up.

    And finding cheap wax to bust is near impossible because of said superstars.

    I did manage to bust a couple blaster boxes that were half price, but no Linden.

    On the bright side.....I did pull a Crosby RC.