Monday, May 2, 2011

Jimmy Howard: Seeing Emerald Again

Now that I've begun making a conscious effort to add to my Jimmy Howard collection lately, the cards just keep coming in. It just happens that this and my last pickup included some kind of emerald parallel. This time, it's a 2010-11 Artifacts Emerald numbered 18/50:

Here's the obligatory scan:

The emerald foil looks great on this card, just not when you scan it for some reason. In reality, it's a much brighter shade of emerald and looks even better when the light hits it. 

Even though the only difference between this and the gold foil base version is the color, I like the emerald a lot more for some reason. It just goes better with the background, giving it a nicer overall look.

This gives me two parts of a pretty much impossible Artifacts rainbow. I've only see a few of the others pop up lately, but I've got plenty of time to go after them. 

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