Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jimmy Howard: BTP Masked Men III

To continue the mask theme around here, with all the talk about ITG's Masked Men printing error, I found myself wanting to get an emerald Jimmy Howard and now I've done just that, and then some.

First, here's the "1/1" emerald version:

I must say I really like this year's Masked Men design, which is nice because I wasn't a huge fan of the first two when they got rid of the Mask cards. I miss the cropped mask pictures, as those were more about the design of the mask, and not so much the guy wearing it. 

Now, here's the silver version numbered to 100:

Between the two, I have to say I like the silver version more, as it kind of pops a little more in the scan than the emerald version, but to each their own.

I got both for $15 together. Maybe a little too much, but hey now I know for sure I've got one of each for my Jimmy collection. Now I just need to track down the elusive gold version numbered to 10.

As much as I like ITG products, especially the stuff from Between the Pipes, I really wish they would use actual serial numbering on their cards. I mean, it wouldn't be asking too much as they don't have the insane number of parallel versions of everything like UD and Panini.

Not that I'm doubting ITG or anything, but how do I know there are actually 100 of these out there? Although, I guess one could argue that even with serial numbering, who's to say there isn't an extra of a given card here and there, I mean that has to have happened at some point right? What do you think?

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  1. I think they did a really nice job on the set this year. The photo is well defined and clear, it separates nicely from the background, the background is a cool design/texture and the kicker for me....all the goalies in the set are current NHLers. No juniors, no 'no-namers' - nothing.

    Nice stuff.