Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Jimmy Howard: 2013-14 Artifacts Ruby

Continuing with my main player collection, I recently picked up another nice parallel of Jimmy Howard. This was another eBay purchase a few months back and it's just been sitting ever since. I actually forgot how nice of a card this was until getting ready to post it.

Here we have a ruby parallel numbered 220/299 from 2013-14 Upper Deck Artifacts. This has to be one of the best looking Artifacts cards in my Howard collection so far. You can never go wrong with team colored foil like this, right?

One thing I really like about these Artifacts sets is the fact that they did not stick the Upper Deck logo somewhere on the front. These just feel right without it. The "Artifacts" text across the top tells you immediately what it is and is usually nicely done like this one.

In terms of completing the rainbow, this is all I have so far. I still need the base (/999), Emerald (/99), Sapphire (/85), Spectrum (/25), and Black (/5). Definitely a lot of work, but at least there isn't a base 1/1 version, so this should be attainable someday.

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