Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Jimmy Howard: Panini Certified Parallels

I'm still slowly working on chipping away at my stack of incoming mail, especially for my Jimmy Howard collection. The majority of my purchases lately have been for that project. Today's post will focus on a trio of serial numbered parallels from Panini Certified.

Up first is a Mirror Blue parallel from 2010-11 Certified. This was Panini's first Certified set and I've been buying Howard cards from this set for ten years now. There are a ton of different parallels available from this set. The more the better if you ask me.

Skipping ahead a couple of years, I was able to pick up another Mirror Blue parallel from 2012-13 Certified. This one is Howard's base card, which is part of the Masked Marvels subset. It is serial numbered out of 50. The blue here provides a nice contrast.

The third was this sweet Mirror Red parallel numbered 036/100. One number less and this would be one of those sought after "jersey numbered" parallels. I'd have to check, I don't know if I even have any of those in my Howard collection right now.

So that's three great new serial numbered parallels for my Howard collection. I still have a ways to go before I can complete either of the rainbows for these sets. For the 2012-13 version, I know I still need the Gold, Emerald and Black versions. For the 2010-11 version, I for sure still need Emerald and Black parallels. Regardless of the year, these Certified cards from Panini look really nice and I would definitely like to add some more.

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