Monday, September 6, 2021

Jeff Gordon: Panini Chronicles Obsidian

I've said this before on here, but I definitely miss Panini being part of the hockey card market. They had some really great stuff for the few years they were around. Dominion and Prizm were some of my favorites. While they probably won't be back in hockey any time soon, I can still chase at least a few of their cards for my Jeff Gordon side project.

Today's post features an awesome new card from 2020-21 Panini Chronicles NASCAR. Specifically, it is an Obsidian card and features an awesome shot of one of Gordon's newer DuPont paint schemes. I had to have this one as soon as I saw it and wasted little time tracking down a copy for myself on eBay a few weeks ago.

The scan does not completely capture the awesomeness of this thing. It's printed on a premium card stock and the foil areas have a nice rainbow effect. The solid black areas look really nice and provide a great contrast for the rest of the design. This is definitely my favorite Gordon card so far. There are even some parallel versions out there.

This card is the perfect example of what this side project is about. I saw this card and immediately knew I wanted a copy of it. I'm not going after every single Gordon card out there, just ones that catch my eye and I think would fit with my vision for the project.


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    1. Definitely! A hockey version of this set would be awesome.

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    1. I knew it was newer, but not exactly 2008. Thanks for pointing that out!

      I tend to gravitate toward cards featuring the earlier paint scheme that I liked as a kid, but this one was just too cool to pass up.