Monday, July 12, 2021

Jimmy Howard: SPGU Relic Blends

Catching up on mailday posts has been the bulk of my blogging efforts lately. I've got an increasingly large pile of stuff going that's come in recently, whether it be from eBay, Twitter, or wherever else. I've been trying to keep things as consolidated as possible, but sometimes it is just easier to write about one card at at time.

In the case of another recent eBay pickup, it didn't really fit with much else so I figured it could go it alone. It actually fits with some other recent pickups from SP Game Used. This one is a Relic Blends jersey card from 2019-20 SPGU. It is serial numbered 011/125 and has a cool die-cut red swatch from the jersey actually worn in the 2019 Skills Competition.

This one goes nicely with the SP Game Used All-Star Weekend jersey card and the All-Star Skills jersey/patch cards I already have. There is also a patch version of this specific card that is serial numbered out of 15. There are a few other related cards still out there as well, so I've got a bit of work to do to. A couple of them are really low numbered too.


  1. Nice Howard. I wonder if this is one long swatch of jersey or actually four small pieces. Lol. These are the crazy things that go through my head.

    My favorite posts to write are the ones featuring one card. Unfortunately they are pretty rare on my blog.

    1. Funny you say that about the swatch, because I wondered the exact same thing. To me it looks like the pattern in the fabric is consistent across the cutouts, so I would guess it is one piece.