Friday, April 30, 2021

Jimmy Howard: Championship Ticket 1-of-1

Anyone else miss the days of Panini making hockey cards? I definitely do and today's post features an awesome card from their first year back in 2010-11. Contenders is one of the sets that I immediately think of whenever Panini hockey comes to mind.

Like I'm sure a lot of player collectors do, I search eBay pretty much daily in the hopes of not missing anything nice for my PC. Well, that persistence definitely paid off again as I was able to snag another card I had never seen or even thought I would ever have.

Here is another 1-of-1 for my Jimmy Howard collection: a Championship Ticket parallel from 2010-11 Playoff Contenders. It is a gorgeous looking card and I'm thrilled to have it. Another example of a time where I bought something immediately once I saw it on eBay.

I love the overall look of this card even if some of the actual ticket design is a bit clunky, especially the Western Conference logo. I do really like how they gave the edges of the ticket a slightly worn look. It provides a bit of realism and helps it stand out.

Just like the Black Diamond 1-of-1 I picked up years ago, the actual serial number is stamped on the back of the card. I don't usually scan and show off card backs on here, but I made another exception in this case for obvious reasons. Here's the back:

This is my second true 1-of-1 in my Howard collection and third overall. I say that because one of them is a buyback stamped 1-of-1 from that Upper Deck 30th anniversary set. I'm not sure how everyone else treats those, but I see them along the lines of printing plates.

Now I just need to find the Playoff Ticket version numbered to 100.


  1. Congratulations on adding this 1-of-1 to your collection. I miss the days of multiple licensed card manufacturers in every sport.

    1. Thanks! Same here. I really hope the NHL/NHLPA will allow at least one more licensed manufacturer at some point. Topps would have some great stuff.