Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Golden Knights: Reilly Smith Super Script

Continuing with the Golden Knights theme around here, in addition to the SCE Super Script of Pacioretty, I was able to grab a regular Super Script of Reilly Smith from the same seller.

This one is card #31 in the set and is serial numbered 23/25. I really like the look of that MVP design other than the large black bar they placed behind the signatures. I understand it makes them stand out more, but it would've looked better without it.

Another thing I really like about this one is how they made the MVP logo and the actual serial number in the same rainbow foil as the signature. If only they had done the same thing to the UD logo. That would make it almost perfect.

On a side note, as far as my Golden Knights collection goes, I am leaning towards focusing on the players from the inaugural season. That was when I really got into following this team and it was a great time watching them make it all the way to the Stanley Cup Final.

For whatever reason, I have not really been following any of my teams as closely anymore, which in turn means I've got less interest in picking up their cards. At least with the players from that first season, I have more of a connection to them having followed them all the way to the Final. Same goes for my Predators collection and their 2017 run to the Final.

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