Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Viktor Arvidsson: Trade Pickups

In addition to the Patrik Stefan auto I posted recently, the trade I made with The Real DFG brought me some other great cards for my other projects. Today's post is all about my newest player collection: Viktor Arvidsson. I was able to grab two new cards in the trade.

Up first is one of Arvidsson's rookie cards, #166 from 2015-16 Champs. These sets always had a cool look to them and stock they were printed on made them even better. Apparently there are gold and silver parallels of this set for me to chase down.

The other one was 20-21 MVP 20th Anniversary 3rd Star #56. This one is done up to look like the old MVP design from 2000-01. I love these MVP tribute cards because they make use of the far superior MVP logo from back in those days. I'm still not sure why they ever changed it. The sharp corners and squared structure just look better in my opinion.

Now that I have this 3rd star version of the anniversary card, it just leaves me needing the 2nd and 1st star versions. While these are neat on their own, I was never a fan of UD's departure from the script parallels for 2000-01 MVP. It is interesting that they added the facsimile signatures to this anniversary edition even though they weren't on the original.

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