Tuesday, December 29, 2020

SCE Gold Script Update

While the Super Script counterparts to these cards have always been the priority, I am always on the lookout for these hard to find Gold Scripts. They are pretty difficult to come by these days so it isn't very often that I get a chance to post them on here.

In fact, I've only had one other update on this set so far this year and that was thanks to a fellow collector on Twitter. That same person (@OTB_Cards) was awesome enough to send a couple more of these my way a little while back to help chip away at my want list.

The first was card #162 featuring Roman Turek of the St. Louis Blues. This one is serial numbered 046/100 and has a nice look at one of Turek's awesome mask designs.

The second was card #116 featuring Ted Drury of the New York Islanders. This one is serial numbered 030/100 and I believe is the final piece to another complete rainbow for my set.

These two bring me to a total of 81 out of 220 for my Gold Script set. These are just about caught up with my 85 Super Scripts so that's cool. I wonder if these will take the lead at some point. You would think the less rare of the two would be easier to accumulate.

SCE Gold Script Total: 81/220

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