Sunday, May 3, 2020

SCE Tribute Update

Here's another post that's been in draft status for months now. I'm still actively working on the MVP Stanley Cup Edition tribute set and bought this lot of six from eBay back in the fall to help knock a few Silver Scripts off the want list. These six cost me $2.50 shipped.

My favorite of the lot was this one featuring Matt Duchene of the Columbus Blue Jackets. This is card #50 in the 100 card set. For whatever reason the silver foil of the player's last name does not scan very well. These things do look great in person though.

The rest are in no particular order, so we'll start with Charlie Coyle of the Boston Bruins. This one is card #20 in the set. Unlike the original set which is sorted and numbered in order by team, these tributes appear to be numbered randomly.

Next we have card #8 featuring Marcus Johansson of the Bruins. I wonder if this photo was taken during the same game as the Coyle above. I'm guessing it's pretty likely as the Sharks would not play in Boston very often., unless the photos are from different seasons.

Interestingly enough, there are several clusters of cards from a specific team numbered in order. For example, following the Johansson, this Brad Marchand is #9 in the set.

Up next is card #34 featuring Jeff Skinner of the Buffalo Sabres.

Finally we have card #66 featuring Jake Guentzel of the Penguins. If I had to choose my least favorite of the bunch, this would be it. The only reason for that is every time I see this guy it reminds me of when the Predators lost in the 2017 Stanley Cup Final.

So that's it for today. This lot brings me to a total of nine for the set. Not bad considering this is only the second time I've purchased cards specifically for this set. That leaves me with 91 more to find. We'll see how long that ends up taking. 

It's still odd to me seeing one of my favorite set designs from 20 years ago with players from today. On the plus side at least its another relatively low end, simple set to chase.

SCE Silver Script Tribute Total: 9/100

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