Monday, November 18, 2019

Jimmy Howard: Limited Gold Monikers Auto

While this will only be the fourth Howard card I've bought in 2019, it is definitely a nice one. I've always liked a lot of the Panini designs that came out between 2010 and 2014. This was back when Howard was playing pretty well and seemed to be featured in almost every one of their sets. My favorite part of the Panini sets would have to be the parallels. 

Today's card is a Gold Monikers Autograph parallel from 2011-12 Limited. This was one of the higher end sets Panini produced back then. If I remember correctly even the base cards were numbered to 299 or something. They definitely have a higher end look and I would say this was my favorite of the Limited sets they released.

The best part is it only cost me $0.99 plus shipping.

This card goes nicely with the Ruby Spotlight parallel (click here) and the Materials jersey parallel (click here) that I bought way back in 2012. There are still several others I would need to complete the rainbow. Those include the base, Gold Spotlight, Prime Materials and Platinum Spotlight. That last one is a 1/1 so I will probably never see it.

Also, this is one of the nicest looking autos in my Howard collection. If it weren't for the sticker, this would be my favorite. At least here the sticker doesn't distract too much from the design. It is nicely centered and only covers up a small portion of the image.

Jimmy Howard Collection Total: 182


  1. Nice card/graph. Can't even really tell that it's a sticker auto, but what odds anyway!