Monday, April 16, 2012

Jimmy Howard: Limited Ruby

A little while back I realized I hadn't picked anything up on eBay in about a month. That's a long time for me, but when you're just too busy to keep track of auctions, it's easy to miss out on a lot of great deals. Anyway, I finally had some time to watch some eBay auctions and ended up with another great piece for my Jimmy Howard collection.

This time it's the Ruby parallel version of the base card from 2011-12 Limited. It's the same as the base card, other than the red tinted background and the red foil at the bottom with "Spotlight" on either side of the player name bar. I think it looks amazing in hand, especially the way the red tint goes with the Wings colors.

In case you were wondering, this one is numbered 22/49, which is on the back of the card. I ended up getting this one for around $5 delivered, which isn't all that bad considering it's one of like three I've seen on eBay since Limited came out a while back. Now I just need the base version and a few other tougher parallels.

That's it for now. I will say though that after I landed this card I went on a mini spending spree on eBay where I managed to grab a few other nice PC cards for a few bucks each. Stay tuned for those in the days to come...


  1. Limited is fantastic. Awesome grab!

  2. Nice card to add to your PC. I have a Totally Silver Howard in my trade box with your name on it for a future swap.