Tuesday, October 1, 2019

SCE Super Script Update

In my last post I showed off the latest additions to my MVP Stanley Cup Edition Gold Script set. This post is all about the slightly more rare counterparts to those six, plus three others. All nine of these came from the same seller over in Sweden. I was actually surprised at how quickly they arrived. I've had single cards from within the US take longer to get to me.

Up first is my favorite of the bunch from one of my PC guys: Patrik Stefan. I was a big fan of him back in 1999-00 when he was a rookie with the Thrashers. Actually, now that I think about it, I even have a TTM signed copy of this card, so I have an "enhanced" rainbow with the base, Silver, Gold, Super and "Ink" script. I'll have to put them all side by side now.

Moving on to the likely the biggest name of this group, this Jarome Iginla is card #33 in the set and serial numbered 18/25. Anyone else like those old Flames jerseys?

Onto the other team from Alberta. This Tommy Salo is card #71 in the set and serial numbered 14/25. This one is another example of the great photography used in this set.

Up next is card #94 featuring Karl Dykhuis of the Canadiens. This one is serial numbered 16/25. This is yet another good example of the photography. Maybe its just me, but I like when the featured player is the only one visible in the shot.

Super Script number five is card #62 in the set and features former Star Mike Keane. This one is serial numbered 07/25. This is a good example of one of the shots where others in the background slightly distract from the featured player.

Back to Edmonton again. This time we have Ethan Moreau featured on card #76 in the set. This one is serial numbered 22/25. I now have three Oilers with Selivanov and Smyth.

So those were the same six as my previous Gold Script update. The next three are the new ones for which I already owned a copy of the Gold. Up first is card #48 in the set featuring Michael Nylander. This one is serial numbered 03/25.

Up next for the Avalanche is Aaron Miller. This one is card #49 in the set and is serial numbered 14/25. For as much as I was into the Red Wings rivalry with the Avs back in the late 90s, I don't really remember much about Miller.

The last one for today is card #42 in the set featuring Tommy Westlund of the Hurricanes. This one is serial numbered 23/25. This will be the fourth Hurricane in my set joining Ron Francis, Sean Hill and Byron Ritchie. Just need a few more for the whole team set.

Well, this is officially the biggest single update I've made to this set. At the rate I've been getting these over the last ten years I would've never thought I'd be getting nine all at once. I guess you just have to be patient and hope to get lucky sometimes.

Overall I am very pleased with my latest eBay pickups. I spent a little bit more than I usually do at one time, but I felt like I couldn't pass on some of these. I would regret it later on if I didn't. After all, these things are still pretty rare and they're getting older every day.

I'll have to go through everything again to see how many complete rainbows I have now. By that I mean the base, Silver, Gold and Super versions of any given card. I had at least 10 of them completed the last time I checked, which was quite a while ago now. I for sure have at least nine more now with my latest eBay purchases.

Super Script Total: 71/220


  1. Wow. Nine steps closer to completing a set with a print run of 25 is very, very cool. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks! Even though this set is so old it is still a lot of fun to build.

  2. Wow!! Outstanding adds to the collection. That's really exciting.

    1. Thanks! Even though I've been working on this set for more than ten years now, it is still eally exciting to find new listings on eBay and add them to the collection.