Thursday, September 26, 2019

SCE Silver Script Update

I want to start this by saying I'm not really sure how to feel about this update. It is one of the biggest single purchases, as far as the number of cards, that I've made for any of my main collecting projects. It also completes my MVP Stanley Cup Edition Silver Script set. Thanks to this purchase I now have all 220 cards in the set.

This was a case where I found an eBay deal I could not pass up.

In fact, not only did this purchase complete my set for me, it was an entire 220-card set. The cost, only $20. I had to do a double take when I first saw the listing on eBay. I assumed maybe it was a misprint and it was only the base set or something. Nope, it was the entire Silver Script parallel set, for $20. I couldn't click the Buy it Now button fast enough. 

In reality, it was $27 including shipping. That works out to just $0.12 per card, which is a really good deal if you ask me. Some of the individual cards in the Silver Script set are going for way more than that. Here are just a few examples from COMC.

     - #13 - Patrik Stefan = $1.98
     - #22 - Dominik Hasek = $2.54
     - #51 - Patrick Roy = $2.15
     - #65 - Steve Yzerman = $2.61
     - #104 - Martin Brodeur $1.65

I know that is probably not the best resource for prices on these things, but at least it is a point of reference. Even if you assume each one is let's say $0.50, that would be $110 for the entire set. At $0.25 per it would still be $55. I don't recall ever seeing these in a dime box at any card shows, so I feel like I got a pretty good deal here. 

Now for the fun part, let's see what the remaining 78 that I needed to complete my set look like. We'll get things started with the goalies. I only needed nine so that worked out perfectly when arranging the scans. This is a pretty good group of netminders overall, primarily the top six. I mean you have the top three winningest of all time with Brodeur, Roy and Luongo. Joseph is fifth, then Osgood and Hasek are 13th and 14th respectively.

Everything after these is in numerical order. Since the Hebert and Maracle completed my Mighty Ducks and Thrashers team sets, we'll get started with the Bruins. Seeing some of these names definitely brings back memories of watching hockey as a kid.

This page has a few big names. Forsberg, Hull, Modano and Fedorov have all been inducted to the Hockey Hall of Fame within the last ten years. As far as the Red Wings in this set, I have no idea why Stacey Roest was included over someone like Nicklas Lidstrom. Upper Deck really makes you wonder sometimes, am I right?

This page only has two hall of famers: Pavel Bure and Luc Robitaille.

Here we finally have the first page without a hall of famer. For the names that are shown here, I would say I was the most familiar with Sergei Brylin. I was a huge fan of the Devils for some reason back when the won the Cup in 2000.

Eric Lindros is the lone hall of famer of the next page. There are some other prominent names from back in the day though including Fleury, Alfredsson, Primeau and Tkachuk. These are the guys I grew up watching on TV so its nice to see them again here. 

Here is another group with some very good players like Shane Doan, Owen Nolan and Robert Lang. I love seeing some of the older uniforms in this set, especially the Coyotes.

Markus Naslund is the best of this next grouping. I'm familiar with some of the other names, but don't know a ton about them. Not sure why Paul Kariya's brother was featured in this set. You would think there would have been some better choices on the Canucks.

Last but not least we have more of the CHL subset cards. These are slightly different than the base cards as they do not have the facsimile signature. Instead there is a silver foil CHL logo. Upper Deck also made parallel versions of the two checklists.

That's it for my final Silver Script update.

Now back to how I feel about this. On one hand, I am thrilled to get such a great deal while simultaneously finishing one of my favorite sets. On the other hand, it was kind of fun to acquire these at a slower pace as they came about. Now I no longer have that ability.

Would you pull the trigger on a deal like this to complete a set you're working on? Or would you prefer to build a set like this slowly over time?


  1. Definitely pull the trigger--then you can work on 19/20 version

  2. I'd pull the trigger in a heartbeat. That's a no-brainer for me. Set building isn't nearly as fun as it used to be for me. 95% of the time, I just look for completed sets on eBay. It might be less fun... but it's more affordable.