Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Masks: 2003-04 BAP The Mask III

I've been pretty busy with my model railroading hobby lately so I haven't been buying many cards. I also had some issues with my scanner a while back so I never scanned a few things I had in my queue. One of those is a complete set I picked up on eBay a few months back. It is the Mask III set from 2003-04 BAP Memorabilia.

Here is a look at the first nine cards. I already had a couple of these so they're not all new to my collection. That's ok with me though as at least now I can say I have the entire set.

The next set of nine has some pretty cool masks too. My favorites of this group are probably Kolzig and Turco. It is just me or does the Hedberg mask in the middle seem like it is on a very weird angle? I wonder why they would've done just this one differently.


There were two more cards in the set, but in the interest of saving time I left those off. One thing I will say is that these cards look much better in person than they do in the scans. The masks really pop aginst the blue background when you are holding them in your hand.


  1. What gauge do you run? I've got some old HO train stuff stashed somewhere....

  2. Nice additions. You're correct, they look much nicer in hand than any scanner can show.

  3. Great looking set! I'll often buy a complete set, b/c it's so much cheaper than trying to build it.