Saturday, September 16, 2017

All Aboard: Railroad Collector Cards Series #2

Thanks to another eBay purchase I now have the second set of All Aboard railroad collector cards from back in the early 90's. These just arrived yesterday and this set is a great follow up to the first one. This appears to be the last of these sets so it might be a while before my two main hobbies can cross paths like this again.  

Same as with the first set, I bought two sealed copies and opened one of them. These are also limited to 10,000 total sets, I have #1256 and #1272. The pair set me back around $8 so not a bad deal considering there were some sellers asking a lot more than that.  

The cards in this set are again all horizontal with a simple design that focuses on the actual photos of the trains. This set has 50 cards instead of the 46 that were in series 1. Not sure why they would have changed that, but I'll take it.

Since this set focuses on the northeast, none of my favorite railroads were focused here so I'm just going to show off some cards by picking the best looking photos. The first one features an awesome bridge shot of six Central Vermont GP9's near Claremont, NH.

Here is a look at one of the card backs. Just like series one, each card has a short write up about the photo on the front. In this case, the border design is carried over from the front of the card giving it a simple look. The ghosted image is the same for all cards.

Back to the fronts, we have another great bridge shot, this time with four Grant Trunk locomotives pulling a mixed freight train through Hartford, VT.

Up next is yet another bridge shot, I guess I really like these. This Boston & Main train features an interesting consist of locomotives, all of which happen to be different colors.

Here we have another Boston & Main train, just not on a bridge. This is a great shot of another mixed freight being led by an interesting consist of locomotives. I like that there really isn't anything but nature in the background of this shot. 


Finally, we have this one featuring the Bangor & Aroostook railroad and their sharp red, grey and black paint scheme. This train is bringing pulpwood to a paper mill in East Millinocket, ME. This is another one with a great blue sky in the background.

So that's it for my latest non-hockey purchase. I really like these cards and wish there were more sets like this for the trains of today. I'm not sure if there is anything like this today, anyone seen anything recently? I could always come up with my own custom set too.


  1. Very cool. Thanks again for sharing these.

    I've not seen anything of the sort since seeing your series 1 post.

    A custom project would be pretty cool as I bet there are some stunning photos in existence out there.


    1. You are definitely right about there being some stunning photos out there.

      So many people have the ability to take good quality pictures and a lot of them are readily available on the internet. I follow a ton of train photographers on Flickr and I can think of a few photos that I would definitely use for a custom set.

  2. Great photography! I could see A&G putting out a train insert set at some point... if they haven't done so already.

  3. Another fun set. I don't know of any other news ones but I'll keep a look out.